Wedding Package

Wedding Package

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Weddings are not supposed to be stressful, and as such, Enoggera Flowers has introduced a great Wedding Package to assist the busy Bride and Groom when making their dream wedding a reality.

We realise not everyone wants or needs the “whole” styling experience. You may love our work but only require Bridal Party Flowers.

Our head designer has personally put together the packages, in keeping with our distinctive and sumptuous style.  The packages are pre-set and designed to ensure maximum sensory impact, whilst remaining cost effective.

Not only will your bouquets include a vast array of in-season blooms, they will have fabulous texture and best of all… your wedding flowers will look and smell amazing.

All you need to do is choose your colours, ribbons, preferred size; you can even complete a form online! Enoggera Flowers will do the rest.

Relax… We’ve got this!

All our bouquet colour-ways will have greenery added for texture and interest. Your Wedding Package Flowers will be fashioned from the best available, in-season blooms, in your choice of colour-way. Enoggera Flowers has very strict policies on where we source of Floral material, and will not include imported product, if humanely possible.

We use a wide variety of foliage, filler flowers and even herbs to create a feast for your senses. Your bouquet will look and smell amazing.  Mother Nature can be a bit tricky at times and due to seasonal variability and a multitude of circumstances out of our control, we cannot guarantee what flowers will be included in your bouquet. Rest assured, we will do our very best and your flowers will be spectacular regardless of what blooms are available.

Colour - We have designed our packages to reflect today’s popular colour choices and there are four to choose from:

  • Neutral: Greens and White; this is a classic look and will work well with most wedding styles. Crisp and clean, this colour-way pairs well with mute or natural dress tones, and will add a great contrast to a bright or bold dress choice. White bouquets are also a great choice if you have a patterned Maid’s Dress. 
  • Pastel: Soft Pink, Mauve, Peach, Lemon; pretty and feminine, this is a look which works beautifully with Vintage, Country, Shabby, Beach and Romantic style weddings. Pastels bouquets will work well with a softer colour choice in your Bridal Party Dresses.
  • Bright: Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Hot Pink; Bold and Striking, choose this colour-way when you want to make a statement with your flowers! A bright colour choice will work fabulously with a modern style wedding but can be incorporated into almost any other style too! This will team really well with a bold or solid dress colour.
  • Bright Pastel: Pink, Blue, Mandarin, Yellow, Purple; Oh, so versatile! A bright pastel toned bouquet can be matched to any wedding style and will sit well with most Bridal Party Dress choices.